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    Thursday, October 31, 2019

    Gajanan Maharaj Temple Shegaon Accommodation

    Gajanan Maharaj Temple Shegaon Accommodation

    Shegaon is a holy place where thousands of devotees come for Gajanan Maharaj Darshan from all over the country.

    The first time I visited Shegaon with my family for Gajanan Maharaj Darshan we reached Shegaon Railway Station early morning and my father is finding a way to go Gajanan Maharaj Temple so then we heart about free bus service provided by Gajanan Maharaj Sansthan we all are waiting for the bus. After a few minutes, the bus comes but too much rush we not able to climb on the first bus but we got a seat on the second bus.

    After reaching Gajanan Maharaj Temple we start finding room first we went to Bhakta Niwas that was inside mandir premises so many devotees come for darshan so inside mandir premises single room is not available.

    Then we so to Hatti Khana Premises their also same situation they said all rooms totally packed but you will get a room but you all need to go  Anand Vihar Bhakta Niwas Sankul near to Anand Sagar but my father said we will first see some hotels then we decide what to do. I went with my father to see some hotels but we find the rate is too high so we decide to go to Anand Vihar Bhakta Niwas.

    Then the free bus service reached fast and we got a room and then after breakfast, we wend to Gajanan Maharaj Temple by bus ad then we did Darshan slowly after darshan we eat Mahaprashad what was too awesome. Mahaprashad timing morning 9 am to an evening at 9 pm.

    Anand Vihar Bhakta Niwas look like a 5Star hotel, total neat and clean everywhere greenery.

    To fulfill devotees requirement Sansthan has four Bhakta Niwas in Shegaon and I got below details from there posters
    1. Bhakta Niwas (Mandir Premises)
    2. Bhakta Niwas (Hatti Khana Premises)
    3. Anand Sagar Visava
    4. Anand Vihar At Branches

    Shri Kshetra Pandharpur
    Shri Kshetra Trymbakeshwar
    Shri Kshetra Omkareshwar
    Shri Kshetra Alandi

    Contact Number
    Bhakta Niwas (Mandir Premises)
    Bhakta Niwas Complex has two buildings as Bhakta Niwas No 1 & 2.
    Contact number for room enquiry - 07265-252699/252018, 9403254024.

    Bhakta Niwas (Hatti Khana Premises)
    Bhakta Niwas Complex has two buildings as Bhakta Niwas No 3, 4, 5, 6.
    Contact number for room enquiry - 07265- 252699 / 252018 ,


    Anand Vihar Bhakta Niwas Sankul
    Anand Vihar near to Anand Sagar contact for room inquiry:  07265-252019 / 9657449496

    Visava Bhakta Niwas Sankul (Complex)
    Visava near to Anand Sagar contact for room inquiry: 07265-253019
    mobile no: 9657449496

    Shegaon Gajanan Maharaj Sansthan gives many free services.
    1. Free bus Service
    2. Mahaprasad

    Free Bus Service
    This service for each and everyone who doesn't have their own vehicle, they can use this bus service. Total 6 Buses of Santhan play round the clock from Bhakta Niwas Campus to Bus stand, Railway Station, Anand Sagar.

    Mahaprashad timing morning 9 am to an evening at 9 pm. Daily thousands of devotees can have food by seating at free of cost.
    The Mahaprasad includes Poli, Bhaji, Rise and 1 Sweat item everyday.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    1. Shegaon Mandir Trust Room Booking?
    Sansthan has four Bhakta Niwas in Shegaon you can book any of them.
    1. Bhakta Niwas (Mandir Premises)
    2. Bhakta Niwas (Hatti Khana Premises)
    3. Anand Sagar Visava
    4. Anand Vihar At Branches

    2. Anand Vihar Shegaon Online Room Booking Login?
    Anand Vihar Shegaon Online Room Booking currently this booking site is not working. Personally visit and book the room with id proof and three passport size photos. For more details contact on this Numbers 07265-252019 / 9657449496

    3. Gajanan Maharaj Shegaon Online Darshan?
    No there is no such facility like Online Darshan. If too much rush and you don't have time for Samadhi Darshan then you can take Samadhi Mukh Darshan in minutes.

    4. Bhakta Niwas Shegaon, Maharashtra?
    Gajanan Maharaj Sansthan has developed many Bhakta Niwas for devotees.
    In Shegaon, Pandharpur, Trymbakeshwar, Omkareshwar, and Alandi.

    5. Pandharpur Gajanan Maharaj Bhakt Niwas Online Booking?
    Bhakt Niwas online booking is not possible you need to personally visit and book a room.

    6. Bhakta Niwas Shegaon Maharashtra Online Booking?
    Gajanan Maharaj any Bhakta Niwas is not available for Online Booking.

    7. Gajanan Maharaj Trimbakeshwar Accommodation?
    Trimbakeshwar Accommodation we have Gajanan Maharaj Bhakta Niwas.


    1. The anandvihar guest room booking pH nos & online too not working, plz restart, Jay Gajajan, Dr Utkarsh Ghate, 9424102440

      1. Yes, Even I tried couple of time for booking but no luck

    2. Is there online booking for Shegaon bhakt nivas, Mandir .plz guide.

    3. This is to inform you that all the numbers of Sansthan are not reachable or changed.
      Please inform how to book online accommodation

    4. Can i get family room for 6to7 hrs. on saturday

    5. Please guide me for bhakt nivas room booking.how to book. phone number given on record doesn't exist.

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    8. We need to room boking at bhakti niwas for family on 15.04.2022. Please tell me what is the procedure. Jai Gajajan mob no 9595404043

    9. Anand Sagar is it open for piligrims now a days

    10. Anand Sagar is open for piligrims?

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